Miniature Painting Open

Bristol 2024

What is MPO?

The Miniature Painting Open is at its heart a painting competition. With different categories and levels of judging, there should be a place for everyone who loves painting their minis and wants to share that work.

Alongside this is the element of community. We are putting as much focus into providing an event where painters can meet up, relax, and get nerdy about their miniature painting. We have deliberately chosen a venue that is easily accessible by public transport, has plenty of accommodation within walking distance, and has access to some great coffee shops, bars and restaurants.

There will also be a small selection of vendors, a judges display area, and a seminar by a special guest and friend of Cult.

Our goal for the first year of the MPO: Bristol is to nail the competition and community side of the event. We are therefore starting fairly small with a 200-person capacity. We would prefer to get this right before building towards a bigger venue next year, with a wider variety of categories and extra things for attendees to enjoy. We’re in this for the long haul.

We hope to see you there!

Cult of Paint

By entering The Miniature Painting Open: Bristol 2024, you agree with the following Term and Conditions.


Tickets are available here and give you access to everything at the event for the whole weekend.

Due to the limited numbers and anticipated popularity of the event, we ask that if, after purchasing a ticket, you are unable to attend then please contact us and we will try to resell it via our waiting list. There are no refunds unless we can resell.

Upon purchasing your ticket you will receive digital confirmation. This will include your name and order number. Please bring a copy of this (phone is fine) to the event as this will be used to register you. Entrance without this information will not be permitted.

Doors open at 1000 on Saturday until 1700 and 0900 on Sunday until 1400 with the awards ceremony at approximately 1100 on Sunday.

Competition entries cut off 1400 on Saturday.

Tickets are available on the Cult of Paint store:


The Engine Shed is situated in the heart of Bristol, directly next to Temple Meads station. There are plently of resaurants, hotels, parking and access close by.

What are the categories?

In each category, you may enter as many miniatures as you like and will be judged on that body of work. You will be awarded according to your best work. For example, if you enter 3 miniatures into the category and 2 are deemed bronze level but one is deemed silver level you will be awarded a silver.

What are the judging levels?

Each category will have 2 levels of judging: Master and Standard. It is up to the entrant which level they wish their entries to be judged at. You do not have to enter Master if you have previously won a painting award e.g. a Golden Demon. You may not enter master in one category and standard in another.

How do the awards work?

MPO makes use of the Open Format Award System.

Recognition is not constrained to a traditional framework of just a single Gold, Silver, and Bronze award. Instead, it allows for the presentation of as many awards at each level as deemed necessary.

In addition to the Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards, there are also the following individual prizes:

*Beginner level will only be awarded commended prizes.